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What is a paramedical tattoo?

Paramedical relates to services and professions that supplement and support medical work but do not require a fully qualified physician, and a tattoo is "coloured ink" being deposited evenly into the dermis layer of the skin using a digital tattoo machine and needle. Paramedical tattoos can be used to aid in healing whether that includes hair loss related to Alopecia, scarring left from surgeries and skin grafts, or radiation marker camouflage related to cancer treatment.

How permanent is a paramedical tattoo?

A paramedical tattoo is considered a permanent enhancement because it cannot be washed off once the tiny needle deposits the ink into your skin. Semi-permanent is more accurate as the longevity depends on your skin type, how well you care for your tattoo during its healing process, and your lifestyle. Ultimately, as the skin continuously renews itself over the years your enhancement will fade. Touchups are required and encouraged to maintain the desired results.

How long does an appointment last?

Every appointment is different as every client has a different need; typically, appointments range around 45 minutes – 3 hours.

Are procedures painful, and will I bleed?

A strong topical anesthetic cream is used prior to and during the procedure to keep you as comfortable as possible. Every client is different and some have reported discomfort while others have none at all. During the procedure there may be pinpoint bleeding which can be beneficial to our dry tattoing treatment, but besides this and following all pre care instructions there should be no excessive blood flow.

Do I need a consultation?

Eyebrow Design: A consultation is included in the procedure Tattoo Lightening: Send us pictures of your unwanted ink to Scar Revision: Yes, we will need to see you in person For any service we offer, a separate consultation can be available as an additional appointment to discuss any concerns or questions in person prior to deciding if you would like to go ahead with treatments.

Can I bring my friends or children to my appointment?

Due to Occupational Health & Safety, only the client receiving the procedure is permitted in the room during the session. We need quiet and full concentration while providing services for our clients. NO EXCEPTIONS will be made, Thank you for understanding!

Will you touch up someone elses work?

The Colour Refresh service is strictly for existing clients who have had their Initial Session with Notice Boutique, full charges apply.

How does the tattoo lightening treatmemt work?

Through osmosis, saline persuades skin cells to release the ink/pigment. Osmosis relies on the principle of equalization. When there is a semipermeable membrane that has a more highly concentrated solution on one side, water tends to move across the membrane toward that concentrated solution in an attempt to create equal conditions on each side. When saline is injected into the skin, water is pulled up from the cells of the dermis, and some of the pigment comes along for the ride. A scab forms on the open wound created by the saline injection, and the pigment becomes part of the scab. New cell growth begins below, and the scab eventually falls off; revealing a lighter layer of the unwanted tattoo.

How do I book an appointment?

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